Deliverable D3.4

Demonstration of LET uncertainty reduction from simulations as a complement to experimental measurements


This report will include the simulation data and results related to the calculation of the LET distribution and its evolution as it transverses the various materials in the beamline or of an electronic device. This analysis will be devoted to various levels of device integration and will provide a building block for the experimental measurements. It will also include a benchmark against measurements, such as those retrieved from solid-state detectors.


Work Package No. WP3
Deliverable Related No. D3.4
Deliverable No. D8
Lead Beneficiary CERN
Type Report
Dissemination Level Public
Due Date 2025-12-31
New Due Date (if delay) n/a
Delivery Date n/a
Approval Date n/a
Status Pending

Deliverable Report

D3.4 report is not available yet.

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