Deliverable Deliverable Name Work Package Lead Beneficiary Due Date Status
D1.1 Assessment of high-energy heavy ion operation in CHARM during CERN proton physics periods WP1 CERN 2024-06-30 Pending
D2.1 Communication and dissemination plan WP2 CERN 2023-06-30 Achieved
D2.2 Exploitation and data management plan WP2 CERN 2023-12-31 Achieved
D2.3 Knowledge transfer turnover report WP2 CERN 2025-12-31 Pending
D2.4 Final report on communication, dissemination, outreach and exploitation WP2 CERN 2026-12-31 Pending
D3.1 Numerical characterization of the CHARM beamline and of detector response WP3 CERN 2024-12-31 Pending
D3.2 Modelling of shielding materials and configurations for test setup standardisation WP3 GSI 2024-12-31 Pending
D3.3 GCR/SPE simulator optimizer software WP3 GSI 2024-12-31 Pending
D3.4 Demonstration of LET uncertainty reduction from simulations as a complement to experimental measurements WP3 CERN 2025-12-31 Pending
D3.5 Modelling of medium-complexity devices and response to different ion beams WP3 UNIPD 2025-12-31 Pending
D4.1 Beam instrumentation for high-energy low intensity heavy ion beam characterization WP4 GSI 2023-12-31 Achieved
D4.2 Calibrated CERN beam instrumentation documented and installed in the accelerator WP4 CERN 2024-12-31 Pending
D4.3 Experimental measurements on GSI beam instrumentation and dosimetry WP4 GSI 2025-12-31 Pending
D4.4 Documentation on the target station construction and use WP4 GSI 2025-12-31 Pending
D4.5 Report on microdosimetry for GRC simulator calibration WP4 GSI 2025-12-31 Pending
D4.6 Intercomparison between CERN and GSI instrumentation and standardisation WP4 CERN 2026-12-31 Pending
D5.1 Finalised list of beam parameter requirements concurring to establish a TRL 6-7 for the CHARM facility WP5 ADS 2023-06-30 Achieved
D5.2 Validation of beam parameter quality of CERN and GSI infrastructures for testing of electronics WP5 UNIPD 2024-12-31 Pending
D5.3 Verification of the beam parameter suitability for testing 3D structures WP5 UNIPD 2025-12-31 Pending
D5.4 Verification of the compliance with beam parameter requirements and awarding of TRL 6-7 WP5 ADS 2025-12-31 Pending
D5.5 Implications of beam energy in single event testing for various levels of device integration WP5 UNIPD 2026-12-31 Pending
D5.6 Guideline on SEE qualification procedures for high complexity devices and board-level testing with VHE ion beams WP5 UNIPD 2026-12-31 Pending
D6.1 GCR/SPE simulator setup WP6 GSI 2024-12-31 Pending
D6.2 Dosimetry of the GCR/SPE simulator with shielding WP6 GSI 2025-12-31 Pending
D6.3 Radiobiology of the GCR/SPE simulator with shielding WP6 GSI 2026-12-31 Pending
D7.1 Definition of extraction methodology for parallel use of the heavy ion beamline for different energies WP7 CERN 2023-12-31 Achieved
D7.2 Demonstration of the achievements in terms of beam parameters (energy, LET, range, size) WP7 CERN 2024-12-31 Pending
D7.3 Established framework for user access to the CHARM ion facility WP7 CERN 2026-12-31 Pending
D8.1 Established framework for user access to the GCR/SPE simulator WP8 GSI 2026-12-31 Pending
D8.2 Installation of the GCR/SPE simulator in APPA cave or CBM vault WP8 GSI 2026-12-31 Pending
D8.3 First measurements with GCR/SPE simulator with and without shielding in APPA Cave or CBM vault at 10 GeV/n cutoff WP8 GSI 2026-12-31 Pending

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