Deliverable D3.1

Numerical characterization of the CHARM beamline and of detector response


This report will include detailed simulation data and results of the transport of the VHE ion beam throughout the CHARM beamline from the PS extraction to the device under test. In addition, the radiation response of the detectors used to calibrate and perform the dosimetry and characterization of the beam will also be provided and will guide the final choice of the most appropriate detectors to be employed.


Work Package No. WP3
Deliverable Related No. D3.1
Deliverable No. D5
Lead Beneficiary CERN
Type Report
Dissemination Level Public
Due Date 2024-12-31
New Due Date (if delay) n/a
Delivery Date n/a
Approval Date n/a
Status Pending

Deliverable Report

D3.1 report is not available yet.

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