Work Package 2

Communication and dissemination

Antoine Le Gall
WP Leader
Pablo Federico Lopez
Dávid Lucsányi
Ygor Aguiar


The first main objective of this Work Package is to maximize the project impact on the economic, societal, commercial, industrial, technical and scientific levels. Several tasks are envisaged to achieve it. The first one is related to the communication strategy, and it is meant to establish a working plan that will enable communication and data exchange among partners of the project and among Work Packages operating on common lines. The second one is related to the dissemination of the results towards parties external to the project. This will not only be related to the promotion of the project, but will foster the possibility for parties belonging to academia, research and industry to obtain access to the infrastructures already during the project to further diversify the research activities and the overall technical and scientific return. The second main objective of this WP relates to the dissemination of the R&D achieved within the project and about the knowledge transfer activities required to transfer know-how and technologies towards external parties.


  • Task 2.1: Communication (CERN, GSI, month 1-12)
  • Task 2.2: Dissemination and outreach (CERN, GSI, UNIPD, month 1-48)
  • Task 2.3: Knowledge transfer (CERN, GSI, month 24-48)


  • D2.1: Communication and dissemination plan
  • D2.2: Exploitation and data management plan
  • D2.3: Knowledge transfer turnover report
  • D2.4: Final report on communication, dissemination, outreach and exploitation


  • M9: Project website launched, with update and maintenance plan
  • M10: Project social media launched

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