Work Package 8

Upgrade of the FAIR facility for shielding testing

Tim Wagner
WP Leader
Marco Durante
Christoph Schuy
Ulrich Weber
Ádám László Gera
Luca Lunati


Starting in 2025, the new SIS100 accelerator will be able to provide beams of heavy ions at energies up to 10 GeV/n. In this WP we will prepare the setup for user utilization of the new APPA cave or CBM vault at SIS100. The current activities concentrate in Cave A, which is connected to the synchrotron SIS18 (18 Tm). The beam monitors and target station will be developed and tested for later be moved in the APPA cave or CBM vault, which is instead connected to the synchrotron SIS100 (100 Tm). The main item is the GCR simulator, which is currently under construction in Cave A. The main challenge will be the 3D-printing of an attenuator capable of modulating extremely high energy (10 GeV/n) from SIS100, which requires large thicknesses. The new APPA cave or CBM vault will eventually become the main vault for space applications and has therefore to be equipped to host external users.


  • Task 8.1: Framework for user access (GSI, month 1-48)
  • Task 8.2: GCR/SPE simulator installation in APPA cave or CBM vault (GSI, month 36-48)
  • Task 8.3: Test of the GCR/SPE simulator (GSI, month 47-48)


  • D8.1: Established framework for user access to the GCR/SPE simulator
  • D8.2: Installation of the GCR/SPE simulator in APPA cave or CBM vault
  • D8.3: First measurements with GCR/SPE simulator with and without shielding in APPA Cave or CBM vault at 10 GeV/n cutoff


  • M22: Routine access for external users at FAIR GCR/SPE simulator
  • M23: First test at FAIR GCR/SPE simulator

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