Work Package 5

Radiation effects testing with VHE ions

Simone Gerardin
(University of Padua)
WP Leader
Marta Bagatin
(University of Padua)
Renaud Mangeret
(Airbus Defence & Space)
Mirko Rostewitz
(Airbus Defence & Space)
Roberta Mancini
(Thales Alenia Space)
Stefano Francola
(Thales Alenia Space)
Alessandro Paccagnella
(University of Padua)
Christian Binois
(Airbus Defence & Space)
Aminata Carvalho
(Airbus Defence & Space)
Andrea Coronetti
Mario Sacristan Barbero


The suitability of the infrastructures for the testing and qualification of EEE devices (with the aim of increasing the TRL to 6-7) and electronic boards is a key aspect for its future utilisation at an industrial level. Within this work package, the objective will be that of studying the radiation effects induced by VHE heavy ions on a set of technologies that is representative of current state-of-the-art COTS electronics. This will also enable bridging this novel qualification methodology to the existing one, based on standard-energy heavy ions. The envisaged hierarchical approach, based on three levels of study complexity, will highlight different levels of details and address various complexity stages.


  • Task 5.1: Final review of VHE ion beam requirements for SEE testing (ADS, TAS, month 1-6)
  • Task 5.2: Analysis of ionization response in a PIN diode for beam quality assessments (UNIPD, month 1-24)
  • Task 5.3: Suitability of the proposed VHE ion beams for 3D integrated device structures (UNIPD, month 12-36)
  • Task 5.4: Validation of the VHE ion beams for industrial use with TRL 6-7 achievement (ADS, CERN, month 12-36)
  • Task 5.5: Qualification of high-complexity devices (UNIPD, TAS, month 24-48)
  • Task 5.6: Board-level testing (TAS, month 24-48)


  • D5.1: Finalised list of beam parameter requirements concurring to establish a TRL 6-7 for the CHARM facility
  • D5.2: Validation of beam parameter quality of CERN and GSI infrastructures for testing of electronics
  • D5.3: Verification of the beam parameter suitability for testing 3D structures
  • D5.4: Verification of the compliance with beam parameter requirements and awarding of TRL 6-7
  • D5.5: Implications of beam energy in single event testing for various levels of device integration
  • D5.6: Guideline on SEE qualification procedures for high complexity devices and board-level testing with VHE ion beams


  • M14: Achievement of TRL6-7 for electronics testing at the CHARM facility
  • M15: Achievement of TRL6-7 for electronics testing at GSI
  • M16: First-time heavy ion SEE qualification of highly-integrated electronic devices in Europe
  • M17: Release of guideline for SEE testing with VHE ion beams

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